Movie Projects In Development

Please click on the link below to find a summary of the 16 Renaissance Studio movie projects in development and the 10 franchise profiles.

​​RSL Movie Projects in Development

The writing, sourcing and development of compelling story content that consistently matches the viewing preferences of broad spectrum international demo graphics is the greatest challenge of successful filmmaking and investment. Story origination in “Hollywood" is an incestuous and closed system where even the best ideas too often get lost in the exclusionary legal and cultural imperatives that prevail in the industry. The typical result of this obsolete and ineffectual process is shallow, stale and uninspiring content with very limited resonance elements beyond gratuitous action, violence, sexuality depravity, horror and computer generated effects.

Contrary to prevailing “Hollywood” mythology, the methodologies to create compelling movie concepts, content and characters that match consumer preferences are over 85% of the success factors of filmmaking and investment. Mastery of effective content creation methodologies is the core of the RSL value proposition. 

It is especially difficult to acquire stories that match the vision of RSL because 1) the story structures and thematic elements are outside the “Hollywood” mainstream and 2) the multitude of market and global audience resonance elements that are required to meet RSL’s standards. As a result, RSL has adopted a policy of writing and developing all of its own content to match RSL’s stringent content requirements and its filmmaking vision, business plan, investment goals and capital markets strategy.

98% of the movies that reach theaters would not meet the "green light" standards of RSL. Such high requirements are imperative to avoid the over 80% of movie projects that lose money for equity investors.

RSL is not a theory in search of strong projects to produce. RSL has written and developed a compelling slate of 16 major film projects that meet all of RSL’s criteria. They are designed to launch up to ten film franchises in five different genres. They can all be produced on production budgets of less than $30 million and are all crafted to resonate with numerous resonance elements that will inspire very large international audiences. 

Unlike almost all modern movies, RSL films do not target market niches such as sci-fi, horror, superhero, comedy, sports or small concept "Indie" films, etc. All RSL films are written to match broad spectrum global market preferences rather than studio and industry culture expectations. Each RSL movie includes a broad diversity of compelling "resonance elements" that offer something to attract 1) age groups from adolescents to seniors, 2) both genders, and 3) all ethnicities, races and most cultures.

There are many producers, directors and actors who can convert a great screenplay concept into a movie that can achieve cinematic and financial success. There are no people, marketing schemes or distribution muscle that can convert  a poor screenplay into a successful movie. 

A summary of the 16 RSL film projects and 10 film franchise profiles can be fpund at the link below. Please consider these compelling movie concepts relative to “Hollywood” films in theaters today: