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Visionary Content, Ltd.

The Exciting Future Of Motion Picture Content Development

Visionary Content, Ltd. ("VCL") is the content origination affiliate of Renaissance Studio, Ltd.  VCL was created to develop the means and methodologies to exploit the huge global movie markets that are being largely ignored by the movie industry. 

The VCL R&D process is complete and VCL is now poised to deliver sensational motion picture content and sustainable film franchises to insightful studios and producers who are more concerned with achieving strong global market acceptance and earnings than fealty to the prevailing content origination culture that dominates the movie industry but largely ignores the viewing preferences of over 80% of  the global movie market.

No industry projects a greater disconnect between product features and consumer preferences. VCL is designed to exploit this reality to deliver exceptional returns on investment to global movie audiences and production equity investors.

Movie Industry Reality Check & Opportunity

Every movie fan is familiar with the recurring frustration of wanting to see a movie, checking the listings & finding nothing that inspires them to go to the theater or view by other means. 

Every movie fan is mystified that "Hollywood" produces so few movies that they want to see.

Every movie fan would see a lot more movies if there were a lot more films that inspire their interest.

Extensive research by VCL has confirmed the real world experience of global movie goers:

The motion picture industry is systematically ignoring the viewing preferences of global movie audiences.

This irrational reality represents an exceptional market exploitation opportunity for insightful entrepreneurs, producers and investors who develop the means to create premium movie content that skillfully targets the viewing preferences of the over 80% of global movie goers who are being ignored by the movie industry.

The VCL Content Vision

The VCL value proposition is grounded in a new vision of screenwriting and filmmaking. Imagine a new reality in the movie industry where film concepts, characters and content were skillfully designed to match the viewing preferences of every adult age and gender demographic and included the features listed below: 

  • No more searching the movie listings in vain for an exciting movie.
  • There is always at least one movie in the cinemas that inspires most people to go to the theater. 
  • No more leaving the theater disappointed.
  • No shallow stories with 1 dimensional characters engaged in gratuitous action, violence, depravity, horror or CGI.

  • Brilliant & resourceful female protagonists who project the full spectrum of exciting femininity.
  • Traversing the extremes of the emotional spectrum through sensational and multidimensional characters.
  • Fascinating new actors and actresses engaging in the most exciting scenarios of the modern age.

  • High concept, triumph of the human spirit stories that light a path to a much better world.
  • Insightful stories that explore and reveal higher consciousness as they project positive role models.
  • Scenarios that explore the most important issues of the modern world to foster reconciliation.

  • Profound intellectual engagement with the thought provoking and life relevant plots and themes.
  • Intense visceral engagement with the exciting and terrifyingly plausible real world scenarios.
  • Immersion in awe inspiring artistry, visual and audio displays that transcend typical "Hollywood" offerings.

  • Wishing the movie would never end.
  • Leaving the theater enlightened in some profound way.
  • Looking forward to the sequel that will arrive each year. 

VCL has invested many years to create the advanced content evaluation metrics and proprietary screenwriting methodologies to make the content vision above a reality. These tools have been employed to write and develop an initial inventory of 14 high concept movie screenplays that are designed to launch up to 10 sustainable film franchises.

Every VCL screenplay has been crafted to incorporate the VCL content vision as described above. No other content source in the movie industry sets and delivers such high standards.  Over 98% of the movies that reach theaters would not meet the "green light" standards of VCL.

Brief summaries of the VCL project and franchise profiles can be found on the "Movie Projects" page on this website or by clicking on the link below:

The VCL Film Making Vision

VCL is not a movie producer but prescient screenwriting and development must include consideration of the factors that attract large global market acceptance and deliver strong and consistent earnings.

The frequent failure to integrate screenplay content with global audience preferences, cost effectiveness and revenue maximization is the key reason that over 80% of movies fail to find an audience of sufficient size to recoup the costs of development, production, distribution and marketing and therefore lose money for production equity investors.

Contrary to the prevailing industry mythology, it is not difficult to determine if a film concept and content will be cinematically successful and financially profitable. In truth, it is relatively easy to recognize which films will succeed and fail financially in advance. The problem is that the global movie content sources are producing successful movie project profiles that equate to less than 10% of global movie market demand.  

As a result, the studios and producers do not have enough quality supply to meet demand and are faced with a choice of 1) failing to produce enough films to fill theatrical release commitments each year or 2) producing films to meet the commitments that are clearly destined to lose money. Irrationally, they opt for the latter option rather than develop or acquire the means to create content that will be consistently successful.  VCL is the opportunity to resolve this issue.

The VCL Content Vision above is the foundation of the VCL Film Making Vision that is the framework of standards for creating consistently profitable movie content. It can be summarized as follows:

Write and develop proprietary movie concepts, content and characters that:

  • Skillfully match a diversity of compelling resonance elements with the viewing preferences of broad spectrum international demographics to insure strong global market acceptance. 

  • Can be produced on budgets in the $25 to $30 million range in very high revenue ceiling genres to insure strong and consistent profitability. The action/thriller/clandestine genres best match this profile and have averaged near $500 million in revenue per film since 2006. This element is a vital key to strong and consistent earnings.

  • Feature sensational female protagonists with attributes that match the strong attraction receptors in the male and female psyches.

  • Feature fascinating new acting talents that evoke strong and positive audience attraction reactions. 

  • Target the over 80% of global movie goers who are not attracted to the shallow story telling, one dimensional characters, and gratuitous/repetitive action, violence, depravity, horror and computer generated effects.

  • Target the adult female and over 30 demographics that find almost nothing in theaters that inspires their interest.

  • Will drive sustainable film franchises and profitability.

  • Are high concept, thought provoking, triumph of the human spirit stories that enlighten as they entertain.


  • Conformance to the flawed cultural expectations and faulty business practices of the movie industry.

  • Movies that target niche markets. Make movies that offer something to every adult age and gender demographic.

  • Movies that do not have strong attraction elements for the over 70% of movie audiences outside of North America.

  • Content from traditional agency and other sources that create movies that lose money over 80% of the time.

  • Movie concepts that rely on "A list" talent to achieve market acceptance and financial success.

The VCL film making vision described above is the product of many years of analysis of the motion picture industry and it represents an almost certain formula for cinematic and financial success if it is employed in conjunction with the VCL Content Vision. 


VCL has invested many years in the development of the means to exploit the global dearth of premium movie content. This means exists in the form of intellectual property as follows:

  • Extensive and comprehensive analytical summaries.
  • Advanced movie concept and content evaluation metrics.
  • Visionary screenwriting methodologies. 
  • An initial inventory of 15 high concept movie screenplays that include two fully written trilogies.
  • 10 sustainable film franchise profiles. 

An objective, professional analysis of the VCL content inventory will reveal 14 cost effective motion picture projects that are far superior to anything in theaters today if maximizing global market acceptance and risk adjusted internal rates of return on investment are the film making goals.

A serious review of the extended version of the VCL value proposition in the summary at the red/white//blue link below the main photo at the top of this page will further confirm the validity of this assertion. It is grounded in a thorough analysis of theatrical releases over many years, knowledge of the future slates of the major studios/producers and the VCL content inventory.

A professional evaluation of the VCL value proposition will reveal that VCL is the ideal content partner for any movie studio or producer that values sensational and cost effective movie content that is well designed to compete successfully in the global movie markets, drive sustainable film franchises and deliver exceptional risk adjusted returns on investment to production equity investors.